Mkapp doesn't make .app binaries

Hi all,

I’m trying to include a Legato app (built in a Linux VM environment) into an sdef system build in the Windows version of DS.

But I can’t generate an app binary, e.g. using mkapp; mkapp doesn’t have the -b option that is mentioned in the documentation here:

Adding the myApp.wp85.update output of mkapp to the sdef file gives a “can’t find definition fie (.adef) for app specification …etc. etc. )” error, so it looks like the .update output of mkapp isn’t usable in sdef files, so is there another way to do it ?


Hi @mahtab,

this feature is only available in 16.10.3 or 17.05+.
What version are you currently using?

Ah ok, that explains it…I’m using 16.10.1. As I was looking in to this for a future project, it’s good to know. It’s a very useful feature !