mangOH Developer Ubuntu password

I am attempting to use the newest release of Legato for the MangOH Green board downloaded from the Getting Started page. Unfortunately after installing this on my VM I am prompted for a password, which I believe should be “legato” but this does not work. Any help so that I may log into would be very much appreciated.

The exact VM I am using is:
mangOH Dev using Legato 16.07 on Ubuntu 16.04.1


The password is “mangoh” why it was changed and where this is documented I can not tell you but mangoh worked…

Hello all

I am trying to use Legato 17.07.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 (using Oracle VM VirtualBox on a W10 PC).

I have a mangOH red board. Everything was ok up to know but I have troubles with Legato.

I have selected the “mangoh” user and tried following passwords

None of these passwords works !!!

Which is the right password ?

“mangoh” is the default password for mangoh user.
I’m able to login it on my Windows 10 VMware.