Cannot connect to MangOH board after rebuild kernel

Hi guys,
Recently, i have rebuilt the Linux kernel with the source from SierraWireless. i downloaded the Linux distro source Release 17: [SWI9X15Y_07.14.01.00 Source] and built it. But actually, after i customize the image by menuconfig, built it and loaded to MangOH Green board, i can not ping to ip and also cannot see the USB connection when i use “lsusb”. Please give the solution. Thanks for reading

Which modification in menuconfig will make this failure?

Hi Jyijyi,
I have configured in Multimedia support and i not changed anything in default configuration.

If you change back to default, can it work?

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But now i can not connect to mangOH board via USB cable( can not ping I have tried to use Serial port, but i cannot login into Legato

How can i login into Legato ?

I think you need to revert back by using swiflash tool:

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Hi JordanZhao,
i also try to use swiflash tool, but it cannot use when USB connection failed. After rebuild kernel, i cannot connect to mangOH board via USB cable.

Do you mean there is no more GobiSerial and GobiNet interfaces? Hm…

When i use “lsusb” command, i cannot see the USB connection. Swiflash just can use if the mangOH board can connect with host machine by USB connection.

Do you mean now you can only see /dev/ttyUSB0 ?

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yes, i just see /dev/ttyUSB0 when i connect with mangOH board via Serial port. Can you help me login to mangOH board via Serial port?

I think your module is kept in boot mode.
What do you see in uart console?

There are two usb port in mangoh red board, one is usb, one is uart

I use mangOH Green board, Can you give me solution for this issue, i just need login into Legato

I don’t think you can login as it did not boot up.

What do you see in uart console in mangoh green board?

Can you recover the module by running one click exe to upgrade the official image in windows platform?

the Screenshot picture is everything i see in uart console.
Can you give me some detail information about " running one click exe to upgrade the official image in windows platform"

Can you download the official exe file foe fw upgrade?

Please give me link about this firmware upgrade in Windows, i just use Linux environment when work with mangOH board