Legato on VS Code doens't build

Hi, I’m trying to build my test project with Legato using VS Code plug-in but when I click on ‘Build’ the legato shell show me this error:

/home/kineton/mangOHWorkspace/mySystem.sdef:51:9: error: Unrecognized section name ‘appSearch’.
The terminal process “bash ‘-c’, ‘mksys ${LEGATO_DEF_FILE} -s components -t ${LEGATO_TARGET} -w ${LEGATO_OBJECT_DIR} -o ${LEGATO_OUTPUT_DIR}’” failed to launch (exit code: 1).

Can someone help me with this error? Thank you!

Which module and legato version are you using?

Other user can build it with “appSearch” on Legato 18.09.4

Hi! I figured out! The problem was the build version. I was using the legato wp76stable with the swi-1.0.0. I switched the version to swi-5.2.0 in Linux distribution (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). Using this version I finally completed the build on my PC.

Thank you anyway!