Error running make: LEGATO == 0"

I cannot run “make” anymore.

I am getting “Not building LEGATO due to $LEGATO == 0” .

Nothing works anymore. I get an error updating the firmware from windows (R9 (generic -GCF) or from Linux running " leaf setup … ".

Does anyone have an idea of how I can reset the board?

Thank you.

mangoh@mangoh-vm:~/mangOH$ make red_wp85
echo “Not building LEGATO due to $LEGATO == 0”
Not building LEGATO due to $LEGATO == 0

NOTE: When using leaf, these TOOLCHAIN_X variables don’t need to be passed to mksys.

mksys -t wp85 --object-dir=build/red_wp85 --output-dir=build/update_files red.sdef
** Warning: Ignoring empty app specification
** Warning: Ignoring empty app specification
** Warning: Ignoring empty app specification
/home/mangoh/legato_framework/legato/modules/WiFi/service/daemon/Component.cdef:15:4: error: Couldn’t find source file ‘/home/mangoh/legato_framework/legato/modules/WiFi/service/platformAdaptor//home/mangoh/legato_framework/legato/modules/WiFi/service/platformAdaptor/ti/’
Makefile:109: recipe for target ‘red_wp85’ failed
make: *** [red_wp85] Error 1


Before “make red_wp85” what did you? Do you follow any document for that?


I have just followed the Getting Started instructions and things just don´t work.
Apparently there are incompatibilities among modules, toolchains, firmware versions, legato versions, etc.
I have re-installed the virtual machine using r4.ova and now it´s working.
I would like to suggest people from Sierra Wirelless to improve the “Getting Started” instructions better explaining the concepts of Yocto, Legato, diferent versions of toolchains, packages, firmware versions , etc.

@Cared, indeed, the steps on the getting started are not updated.

To build your system avoid this step: $ git pull && git submodule update --init (this fetches and recovers the dependencies for mangoh yellow ).

So, what you need to do :
1- remove the Orange mangoh VM machine from the oracle (completely delete)
2- re-import it again and go directly to mangoh directory
3- run the build with: make red_wp85

I am experiencing similar build failures, along with other documentation related frustrations.

Is a VM re-install really what is required to solve this issue?

@mvonflotow, In which step you find difficulties?