Developer Studio - Legato Package WP85 15.10.1


I have WP85 with 15.10.1.Beta

Developer studio - only seems to have 15.10.0

Does a packages site exist for 15.10.1.Beta?

The command line tools have 15.10.1.Beta



Hi John,

The packages for 15.10.1 for WP85 were indeed not released, essentially since the difference from 15.10.0 is only a modem firmware update.
This means that an app built with 15.10.0 packages will run on 15.10.1 (even if DS complains about the version mismatch at download time).
Anyway, a new version will be available in the coming days, and all will be synchronized again.
And we’ve taken the action to improve our packaging workflow, in order to avoid our end users wondering about such questions in the future.


Hi David

Many thanks - I struggle with the use of the name Legato for everything related to Linux based modules.

For the Target hardware (WP85) - I’m guessing we have default software component sets something like this
[ul]DSP FW (modem FW)
LINUX OS - including drivers
LEGATO services
LEGATO Target tools
In this release (15.10.1 ?.2) I’m guessing the DSP FW changed? the Legato services didn’t actually change but the Legato services rev number changed
was everything changed but the published Legato service API and runtime library remained the same?

From the man. - the installed Legato framework version
legato version
Is the framework the system release ID or the services or the Legato Tools + the services … ?
I notice if we build the Legato we “legato version” reports 15.10.2

I think we need some clarity
A release ID for a complete system release package
Individual release ID for each sub component
Method(s) to query target hardware for the above
Difference documentation

Sorry for the rambling note (and to be fair we are talking about beta software) - my main point is - it will become important to correctly identify what is actually on a target (both Sierra and customer built )



You’re right, the various “components” are probably not that clear.
In order to simplify the upgrade process for the end user, we’re providing all-in-one Device Image packages, which are upgrading all the components in one shot:

  • Bootloader + Modem Firmware
  • Linux OS (Kernel + root FS)
  • Legato Application framework (services and target tools)
    Versions of bootloader + modem Firmware + Linux are given by the fwupdate query command.
    Version of the Legato Framework is given by the legato version command.
    Please note that these versions are also displayed in the Properties view in DS when you’re connected to the Legato device.

To be exact, the Legato framework was updated (and rebuilt) between 15.10.0 and 15.10.1, but only to change the version number (cf … 025da9e9e0).
This is because the Legato version (let’s say 15.10.1) is used to refer to both the full release (cf the components above) and the Framework itself.
i.e. if a new firmware is released, a new “Legato release” is done, even if there is properly speaking no update in the Framework code itself.

But again, we need to align our pre-built packages delivery with the Github releases.
We’re working on it, and things should be more clear from next release.