Can't back-update Legato on WP7700

Somehow I changed the Legato version on the WP7700 to 19.07.01 and Dev Studio is complaining it’s not supported. From Dev Studio I try to update the device image to WP77 R11 (Legato 18.9.2) but I get the message ‘Upgrade firmware has encountered a problem’, ‘process exited with -1’. ‘legato version’ on the WP7700 still says 19.07.01.

I also downloaded WP77xx_Release11_SIERRA.spk and used swiflash to update the device image. This completes with SUCCESS but when I do ‘legato version’ on the WP7700 I still get 19.07.01.

Has anyone else run into this? Thanks.

These might be helpful to you:

Thank you, that works. Will bring the WP7700 back to latest version when VS replaces Dev Studio. :wink: