Importing mangOH projects into Windows dev studio


Just a post to give a step by step guide as to how to import the mangOH project on github into developer studio on Windows as it is not necessarily obvious for someone starting out and it is not really detailed anywhere.

So the assumptions I have made are as follows:

  • Dev studio (mine is currently 5.3.1) is already installed. System I did it on was a Win 8.1.
  • You have installed a package for a WP (so like R9 for WP76 would eb a god one at time of writing).

So the basic steps I took to get the project working and into developer studio.

Clone the mangOH directory from github to the PC and install it as a project.

  1. File – Import – Git – Projects from Git – Existing local repository – mangOH – Import as generic project – Finish
    Create the RedSensorToCloud application as a prjectin its own right.
  2. File – New – Import Legato application from existing code
  3. In this window set the name and point to where the source code is, in this case the Legato\workspace\git\mangOH\apps directory. You can set it to ‘Use files in place’ or ‘Copy into workspace’
  4. Go through the rest of the process, should be fairly self explanatory.

With the project created there is an API dependency.

  1. Right click on the API’s directory under the new project.
  2. Add the LedService by pointing the directory.

Need to set the root directory for the system to be able to resolve the path for the above dependency.

  1. Right click on the project name i.e. RedSensorToCloud, click on Properties.
  2. Go to C/C++ Build – Environment.
  3. Add an environment variable, Name : MANGOH_ROOT, path : <drive name>:\Legato\Workspace\git\mangOH

Hopefully that is use to someone.



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Many Thanks Matt for this post