Running tutorials in Developer Studio

I have successfully run the TimerLed sample under the mangOH/samples/tutorials/hardwareInterfaces/gpio/… using the terminal (tutorial here). I would now like to do the same thing using the Developer Studio. My goal is to be able to better understand the file structure as well as the code.

If I could therefore run the samples from Developer Studio that would be great. I have tried importing the projects, opening the projects, opening the files but nothing has allowed me to open the project as a whole in Developer Studio.

Thank you in advance

Hi Kas,

I was able to import all of the tutorials individually in to Developer Studio like so:

  1. In Developer, select ‘File>Import…>Import existing code as Legato Project’ and click ‘Next>’
  2. Give the project a name, I.E. TimerLedApp
  3. Browse for the source location. For the TimerLed example, set is as ‘mangOH/samples/tutorials/hardwareInterfaces/gpio/TimerLed’
  4. Select the option ‘Copy files into workspace’ or not - it is up to you.
  5. Click ‘Next>’ then ‘Finish’ and you’re done.

Hope this helps.