FX30 Generate Image not working in latest firmware

Hi all,

I just upgraded to the latest firmware (swi-fx30-catm_4.0.0) for FX30S modem. Trying to get ready for when the new FX30S modems which we are scheduled to receive in December.

The Legato Build task works fine, but when I try to run task Legato: Generate Image I get this error:

Error: The Legato Generate image task detection didn’t contribute a task for the following configuration:
“type”: “Legato Generate image”,
“problemMatcher”: [
“group”: “build”,
“label”: “Legato: Generate image”
The task will be ignored.

The previous firmware version (swi-fx30-catm_3.0.0) I was using generates images with no errors.

Any help with this error is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How do you build the image?
Inside leaf shell by “make wp77xx”?

No, I don’t use Leaf, I use VSCode. I use the Run Build Task option under the Terminal pulldown menu.

The Legato: Build option works fine and compiles my apps, but the Legato: Generate Image option fails with the error listed above.



I suggest you use leaf shell to compile the legato image

I’ve never used the Leaf shell to compile or build my images. Could you direct me to documentation or examples for the complete process? Thanks!


You can see here

I ran it from Legato shell successfully. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!