Cannot Build Linux Source

Trying to build the linux source for swi-fx30-catm_2.0.0 (Release R11.0.0.007 + Legato 18.09.4) and I get the following errors on running make:

ERROR: Task do_install in /swi-linux-src/poky/meta/recipes-core/base-files/ depends upon non-existent task do_deploy in /swi-linux-src/meta-swi/common/recipes-legato/legato-af/
ERROR: Command execution failed: 1

Any help would be appreciated.

Disregard, I had not downloaded the legato source (leaf getsrc legato) did that and all is well now.

@dcchurchill ,

facing the similar issue legato source is installed in the linus srcdirectory or in a different diectory?

I downloaded the legato src in different directory and I still face the issue.