Trying to built yocto for fx30 cat1

More than one week for I did try to generate yocto for my FX30 cat1 (Release R16.0.1.006 + Legato 19.11.5)

My first mistake was to try to build with ubuntu 21 : I failed.

Then I decided to use a docker with a ubuntu:18_04 and I is a little better but some issues remain.

I did download the src with the getsrc and it is ok.

But when I jump in swi-linux-src and run make one warning :
meta-columbia-x/meta-columbia-x-cat1/ line 854: [: =: unary operator expected

Then I run : “ENABLE_DOTA_STANDALONE=false make” and one error (I did have the first time) :
ERROR: No recipes available for:

Is the solution do link meta-swi-mdm9x28-fx30 to meta-swi-mdm9x28-wp ?

What the solution to generate for FX30? I want to generate with a system with extra software.


I did this for FX30-cat-M in ubuntu16, maybe you can follow:

$> leaf setup fx30-catm -p swi-fx30-catm_3.0.0
$> leaf getsrc legato
$> leaf getsrc swi-linux
$> cd swi-linux
$> make MACH=mdm9x28 PROD=fx30

I did try the make with MACH and PROD and I get close the success but no image generated or not in the right place.

expecting :

with PROD=fx30 result in :

how about ./build_bin/tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x28-wp/


running the following command is OK
But after, trying to build, launch my generation and the error is :

 mksys -t wp76xx -i /home/root/workspaceLegato/leaf-data/fx30new/fx30-cat1-legato/interfaces/modemServices serieTcpNetworkSystem.sdef

/home/root/workspaceLegato/leaf-data/fx30new/fx30-cat1-legato/drivers/spisvc/spisvc.mdef: error: ‘/home/root/workspaceLegato/swi-linux-src/build_bin/tmp/sysroots/swi-mdm9x28-wp/usr/src/kernel’ is not a valid kernel source directory.
Makefile:3: recipe for target ‘all’ failed

Nothing in the sysroots directory…

Any idea on how to generate the linux.cwe for the fx30 cat1?

mksys is for making legato image, but not for linux.cwe

Perhaps your right but I think I follow the natural way to generate my new legato image :

  • I did download the linux sources : leaf getsrc swi-linux,
  • I try to generate linux with the make command in swi-linux-src (need to add PROD=fx30 for a good generation),
  • then process as usual (when leaf getsrc was disabled).

But it did not work.


what did you see inside /home/root/workspaceLegato/leaf-data/fx30new/ and /home/root/workspaceLegato/leaf-data/fx30new/fx30-cat1-legato/?
Can you do “ls” and paste here?