Failed to build yocto/WP76xx Firmware Release 10.1


ERROR: time-genoff-git-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: ‘file://time-genoff-bin.tar.bz2’. Unable to fetch URL from any source.


We tried with latest release 10.1 by compiling and building wp76xx yocto it is working fine.
We think in this case of error what you are facing is because of not mentioned the module in “PROD” of Makefile/ as below, please update the file and compile once again.
MACH ?= mdm9x28
ifeq ($(PROD),)
PROD = wp
So, We suspect that is the cause. Although we checked Makefile/ in latest release which we downloaded it is updated by
“PROD = wp” or “PROD = ar758x” .We downloaded distro from May i know how did you downloaded distro (yocto).


The error happens when is compiled under environment:


It look there is a broken dependency and race condition, which usually passes on concurrent compilation and fails on serial.
Better to fix it and add serial compilation to regression check.