New comprehensive build script

runs on fresh OS
downloads and installs required OS packages
installs sierra tools: toolchain, legato_spm, swicwe
builds Legato, mangOH, Yocto
works on Ubuntu 16.04 and partially 18.04
tested on wp76xx green, expandable for more boards

Comments and patched would be appreciated.

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Hello @makelinux

I tested this script, but I got the below error :

error: open("arch/arm/boot/dts/include/dt-bindings"): Permission denied
error: unable to index file arch/arm/boot/dts/include/dt-bindings
fatal: updating files failed
ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/mallaoui/testForPIERRE/yocto/meta-swi/meta-swi-mdm9x28/recipes-kernel/linux/                          | ETA:  0:01:28
Traceback (most recent call last):
bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable do_compile[file-checksums], expression was ${@srctree_hash_files(d)} which triggered exception CalledProcessError: Command '['git', 'add', '.']' returned non-zero exit status 128

Summary: There were 6 WARNING messages shown.
Summary: There was 1 ERROR message shown, returning a non-zero exit code.
Makefile:247: recipe for target 'image_bin' failed
make: *** [image_bin] Error 1

With automatic & manual steps

lsb_release -a : 

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Release:        16.04
Codename:       xenial

Thank you for using and testing the script!
As I see, there is permission problem during deep kernel build.
Usually such errors happens generally when you run build from root before build from user.
Sometimes it could happen when you build directory is not local mount (nfs, etc ).
Would you like to check ownership of ls -l /home/mallaoui/testForPIERRE/yocto/kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/include/dt-bindings ?
Then may be it is need to remove old build_bin from root and start new build from user again.


@makelinux, yes it was a permission problem, now everything is well.
In the near future, Sierra will provide a new workspace manager named Leaf.
Leaf brings some exciting new features that will help you easily set up and install the software and tools needed to develop with the Legato Application Framework.


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