Error to get IP-Address


I have use wp7605 with r13

I have wrote program to connect to WiFi and get IP-address but It was error.
Please help me to solve it.

you can follow this document to connect as wifi client

4119378_mangOH Green Tutorial - Wi-Fi_r1.pdf (939.0 KB)

I have done as following document but still got the same error.
anyway else to fix??

log_info.txt (78.9 KB)

You are not using same wifi card as the document, right?

yes,I don’t have mangOH green.
I have using the board that made by my company

no idea, we never tested on your wifi card.
Suggest you to test with the same wifi card as stated in the document

I cannot take the wp7605 out from the company board.
So, do you have anyway to suggest me to solve the problem??

no, i don’t have, i have no experience on your wifi card, and it is quite complicated to integrate wifi on SDIO, especially this is not plug and play device