Cannot ping on mangOH green using WiFi protocol

Hi! :grin:
I am using:

  • mangOH green
  • wp7607 module
  • mirage rev 3 WiFi component

I’m writing a software that allows me to connect my mangOH green to internet through wifi protocol. I am able to do it on the terminal following this guide:

I wrote a FW for which I am able to connect my mangOH to a WiFi (I can see mangOH connected to my hotspot phone!) but I am not able to do the last two steps to see it on internet:

In particular have an error in the IP setting step (so ping doesn’t work!):

I’m using this function:

Where am I wrong? Can someone help me? I clarify that by therminal I can do it, but I want to do it through a FW. Thank you for the attention

okay I solved by using sandboxed option = false in order to see the file-system of the target device. Thank you all