Event handler name 'MqttClient connection lost notification'

Hi all! :grin:
I have a mangOH green with a wp7607 module and a WiFi Talon Mirage Rev 3 module.
I connected my mangOH to Internet through WiFi. I want to implement mqtt communication, sending messages to a broker. I’m using paho based SW and this is the COMPONENT INIT:

I have the following problem:

I’m sure that I haven’t connection problems, since I can rightly ping google ( Can someone explain to me where am I wrong? I will be grateful :pray:
Thank you for the attention

Did the sample available in: legato-af/apps/sample/mqtt at master · legatoproject/legato-af · GitHub or legato-af/apps/test/mqtt at master · legatoproject/legato-af · GitHub works well with your setup?