Different Legato version on target than on host

I am using the VirtualBox Image and a MangOH red to develop test out the Legato Framework. I am trying to build the HelloWorldJava sample project and I am able to compile it just fine, but when I try to upload / run it on target, I get an error saying “Legato Framework version used in application (17.06.0) and running on the device (17.07.2_longgithash_modified) are not the same. Continue installation anyway?”

If I click OK, the app won’t run and I get an error.

How would I go about this issue? The version 17.07.2 dosen’t seem to show up in the “Packages” tab in Developer Studio.

It’s better to keep the same version of Legato framework between module and Developer studio.

You can refer to this webpage https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/legato/downloads/.