How to install Legato 16.10.1 on target (WP85)?



I see that Legato 16.10.1 is available as compilable source code on or on “the source” but not as integrated pre-compiled package Legato + Firmware for specific processors.

I downloaded the source code and the toolchain and I was able to compile (make wp85).

Now the questions are:

  • which compiled files do I need to install on the target?
  • which tools do I need to do so?
  • is there a procedure to follow?

I tried to find such info on “the source” but I didn’t succeed.



Hi Luigi,

The 13.1 firmware bundle (which includes legato 16.10.1) should appear here very soon:

It has been released internally and marked for external release. I’m not sure who is responsible to posting the release publicly. I will try to update this post when I have more information.


Hi Luigi,

Command is “update build/wp85/system.wp85.update”

  • which tools do I need to do so?
    Tools required are inbuilt, so as long as you had set your environment properly as per above links, you should be good.
  • is there a procedure to follow?
    The root link for this would be - hope you will be able to find the reqd info by navigating from this link.


thank you!
I’ll try your suggestion as soon as possible.