Developer Studio 5.3 on Windows: how to download Legato 17.11


I installed Developer Studio 5.3 on my Windows 7 laptop.
This version of Dev Studio is compatible with Legato from version 16.01 to version 17.11 (as reported in the Help->about information).

In the “packages” perspective, under “Available packages” I can see that the standard repository (located at is only contains 2 legato versions, the ones contained in the WP8548 FW Release 14 (Legato 16.10.3) and in WP8548 FW Release 15 (Legato 16.10.4).

I pushed the “refresh” button but the contents are not updated.

How do I load newer versions of Legato, like Legato 17.11?



I have also tried to update to Developer Studio 3.1 and I have configured the Package Manager to deselect “Work only baseline packages” and “hide source packages” (see picture below) but I still cannot see other Legato packages apart from 16.10.3 (Release 14) and 16.10.4 (Releasen 15).


From, the latest FW is R15 for WP8548.
For legato version 17.11.0, it is for R7 of WP77.

Hi jyijyi,

what you wrote would imply that you can use Legato 17.11 only on WP77?
On Linux you surely can compile Legato 17.11 (and more recent versions) for WP85.
My problem is to have Legato 17.11 available in Developer Sudio on Windows.

I don’t see the link in package manager is containing legato 17.11 for wp85 …
Anyone knows about this?


same kind of topic discussed there: Custom Developer Studio Repository / Docker Image - mangOH Red - mangOH forum

While it is quite easy to have a custom Legato build on Linux, it is a bit harder on Windows.
We’re working on a new solution to allow this in the future.

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