Cannot turn radio on after Legato 17 upgrade

Recently updated the legato firmware to 17 on my mangoh greencard wp85.
Now I am having trouble turning radio on.
cm radio status is permanently off.

Any help would be appreciated


Open SSH terminal:

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm radio on

Thanks for the reply, I should’ve mentioned - radio stays off even after that command

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# cm radio on

logs the following error


Hi @TomThorne,

What was the procedure that you followed to upgrade?
have you used the official .spk from to update to Release 14 first?

@CoRfr I just used the legato development studio to upgrade.
Is there a better method? I didnt use the official .spk from sierra

Did you update just Legato or the whole firmware? I’m not sure which updated are available from dev. studio.

Could you flash the firmware downloaded from here:
This page also contains how to flash the device.

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Thanks @CoRfr !
Yes when I use the latest firmware download from sierrawireless the radio works prefectly fine and I can get a data connection.
I guess my issue now is legato version is back to 16.10 and I cant run the assetData sample program because it requires 17. Is there a way to simply update legato on the MangOH? I can only find docs on how to update the host pc

Thanks again for your time


The API into the modem changed between modem firmware R13 and R14 (which correspond to Legato V16.10.1 and 16.10.3).

Legato frameworks 16.10.3 and newer require modem firmware R14.1 and these frameworks WILL NOT run on older versions of the modem firmware.

Likewise, Legato versions 16.10.1 and lower WILL NOT run correctly on modem firmware R14.1 and above - these frameworks will only run on R13 firmware and lower.

ciao, Dave

Hey @davidc , R14 works fine for me (legato 16.10.3). If I would like to install legato 17 or newer, how would I go about installing 14.1, the link provided by @CoRfr has the latest release at 14, not sure where to find these later versions.



Links to the different version tarballs are on the legato releases page:

I’ve tended to use the command line build tools so that I can change between different releases as required.

Note: I tend to follow the build instructions in the readme file from the tarball, rather than the instructions on the web page as I find the tarball readme a bit clearer.

Once you’ve built the framework, there will be a update and/or cwe file in the build directory that you can use to update your target hardware.

ciao, Dave

Hey @TomThorne,

now that you have Release 14 ( installed on your target, you indeed are running Legato 16.10.3. (And sorry about the 14.1 typo).

But now you can still upgrade just the Legato part by building 17.07.1 and installing it, and that should work.
Could you try that?


Perfect. All working now, thanks!