Adding newest version Legato Framework into Developer Studio


I am wondering how to add Legato frameworks newer than 16.10.3 into the DS. I am using 17.07.1 now but I do not find anywhere that I can import this into DS. Nothing newer than 16.10.3 can be found in the Package Perspective either.

Does the DS not support newer framework? Or I did wrong?

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Hi @lichen

First of all, to explain why the latest Legato version available in DS for WP85/WP75 is still 16.10.3, please have a look at the release information for the Legato Framework:

To summarize: DS proposes by default only the packages matching with products official releases, for each supported module. The last release for WP85/75 is still Release 14, embedding Legato 16.10.3
In the meantime, the Legato framework project continues to evolve, and releases new versions months after months.

These new releases needs to be considered as preliminary versions until they are integrated in an official product package. For example, this means that you can use it for development by rebuilding it yourself, but you can’t buy pieces with this version pre-installed inside.

That said, it is possible to import a Legato Framework you’ve built by your own in DS, so that you can use DS to build apps based on this Framrwork. Here are the steps to be followed.


check your DS version
Following steps are described for DS 5.2

check your installed packages
Make sure you have the latest product release package installed in DS (e.g. WP85 Release 14).
You’ll need the toolchain from it.

build your own framework
Above all, you need to build your own framework, by following the instructions at
To do so, please use the same toolchain than the latest product official release. E.g. on WP85/75, use the Release 14 toolchain.
Note: This means that this procedure only works on Linux hosts, or in Linux VMs, and not on native Windows hosts

Step 1: switch off "baseline mode"

Go to Window > Preferences > Developer Studio > Package Manager box, and uncheck Work only with baseline packages.

Step 2: import your Framework in DS as a package

  • Go to Packages perspective
  • In the Available Packages view, click on the Add new repository action
  • Check the Folder option, and browse to the location where you have cloned and built your own Framework
  • Click OK. You should have an available package now.
  • “Install” the package. Actually this is just referencing your build location as a known package, without copying files.
    You should now have you package displayed in the Installed Packages view.

Step 3: Create a custom Target Platform

  • Go to Window > Preferences > Developer Studio > Target Platform box
  • Pick the built-in one in the combo box for Release 14 (or the latest Release you want to “upgrade” with the latest Legato)
  • Click Duplicate… button, and give a name to your Target Platform
  • In the Application Framework tab, select your custom Legato Framework (imported above), instead of the official 16.10.3 one
  • Click OK to validate the Target Platform creation

Step 4: you’re done

And that’s it.
Now you can create projects that are using your new custom target platform.
You just need to pick your custom target platform in the new project wizard.


Thank you @daav for the excellent explanation!

I too have needed this for a while and took a different approach - your method is much better.

The delayed vendor releases are somewhat frustrating when the bulk of your development is done in DS. I understand this is beyond your control.

Having the instructions to import a later Legato framework version in to DS is very useful.


Thank you @daav for your support. It is really helpful and useful.

You’re welcome, guys, I’m glad this is helpful.
By the way we’re working on some improvements in DS 5.3 to build the framework from DS itself.
Target for release is October – stay tuned :wink:

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Can we build the framework from within DS 5.3 now?

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As already told by @daav, They are working on it and it is targeted for October release.

Muralidhara N.


I am a new user of the Legato framework and DS platform.

I have the latest DS version (5.3.1) installed in my development environment and I am trying to debug (via cross-compilation) a simple application (helloWorld) with the Legato Framework 18.07.0 in a mangOH Red board.

I followed the procedure above to include this newest package. The compilation goes fine as well the execution of the application in the board in normal mode.

But when I trigger the debug mode, I get the following error message:


The log tab shows the message: “proc.c proc_Start() 1366 | Could not exec ‘bin/gdbserver’. Permission denied.

I did many investigations, searches and tests, mainly related to permission issues, but without success.

If I use the Legato package 16.10.4, I have no problem to execute the same helloWorld application in debug mode.

Do you know any hint to fix this problem?

Or is it a limitation or known issue of the current solution, and I have to wait for the next release?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Andrade.

Hi @dfandrade94

see DS 5.3.1 Debug session fails due to bad task 'Configure gdb'
In short, we have a limitation when trying to launch debug sessions with Legato versions > 18.03
While waiting for a patch, as a workaround, you can try the debug attach mode which is still working.

@daav when do you think the patch will be done ?

I have moved all my project to legato 18.05.1 and now 18.08.0 but not tested debug mode…

Hi @daav

Thank you for your information and for your hint.

Great! With the debug attach mode it is working fine.

Now I am able to debug applications with the Legato version 18.07.0.

Best regards,

Daniel Andrade.