Cannot Start Developer Studio

Cannot Start Developer Studio 5.3.1 after OS upgrade on Ubuntu 18.04LTS. When I run studio I can see small window ( screenshot below ), which disappears after few seconds. Nothing shows after this point. Program crashes silently or just close automatically. Can you help me with this?


Not sure if this helps you

I had a problem with dev studio after my java updated, it behaved same. Try starting it from console and seeing if it will give you any feedback why it closed suddenly. My solution was that some paths related to java changed and devstudio didn’t know how to handle that.

can you try the solution indicated in this topic?


What I did:

  1. uninstalled java completely
dpkg-query -W -f='${binary:Package}\n' | grep -E -e '^(ia32-)?(sun|oracle)-java' -e '^openjdk-' -e '^icedtea' -e '^(default|gcj)-j(re|dk)' -e '^gcj-(.*)-j(re|dk)' -e '^java-common' | xargs sudo apt-get -y remove
sudo apt-get -y autoremove
dpkg -l | grep ^rc | awk '{print($2)}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge
sudo bash -c 'ls -d /home/*/.java' | xargs sudo rm -rf
  1. removed whole legato folder
  2. I ran your sudo
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 build-essential python-jinja2 ninja-build zip autoconf automake
  1. I installed legato


  1. Developer Studio started and everything looked fine.

  2. When I closed DS and reopened. Top bar and all functionality like Run, Debug, Terminal, Connect etc. disappeared. When I went to Windows->Perspective->Customise Perspective… to add buttons, error pop up.

  3. Functionality and top bar did not come back when I created new workspace.

  4. I repeated the whole procedure 3 times with the same results.

I use linux ubuntu 18.04LTS. DS was working ok on the machine. Problems started after linux auto update.