MangOH green: 'cannot find device can0'

Hi everyone, I have a mango green with a wp7607 module and I use the Talon CAN Bus IoTextender for Sierra mangOH IoT. Through leaf I imported into the profile the SDK ( swi-wp76_4.0.0) for WP76 which provides Relase13 and Legato 19.20.0.

I downloaded the mangOH folder from the following link mangOH_2-7-2019_WP75_R16_OK.tar.gz - Google Drive

I modified the green.sdef file before doing the make by uncommenting the last line that allows me to synchronize the CAN drivers.

I made the green.wp76xx.update file to upload to the board.

I downloaded yocto from the following link

On the card by executing these commands as reported by the guide :,-9x15-based-systems .

echo 7> / sys / class / gpio / export
echo out> / sys / class / gpio / gpio7 / direction
echo 1> / sys / class / gpio / gpio7 / value

mux 5
mux 16
modprobe can
modprobe can-dev
modprobe can-raw
modprobe mcp251x
ip link set can0 type can bitrate 125000 triple-sampling on
ifconfig can0 up

i see

It always says it Cannot find device “can0”

How can I solve this problem? After two weeks I can’s solve this problem :pensive: