Ethernet IoT expansion card not working when plugged into mangoh red

I am using a WP7702 cell modem with my mangoh red board. I have went through all of the initial setup directions in the getting started guide. I am able to see location, pressure, light data in the airvantage cloud server. Now I am trying to use mangoh red as a gateway for raspberry pi 3 b+ to send pings to the airvantage clould server (i.e. raspberry pi pings (from its command line) message through its ethernet port >> through ethernet cable >> to ethernet port on the ethernet IoT expansion card inserted into mangoh red >> mangoh red sends ping message to the clould server. Is this possible if so, how can this be done. Please provide detailed steps to do so because my background is not programming its electrical engineering.

Any help would be appreciated.


You need to make the card works like this