Bundled files not updated



I noticed that bundled directories of an application are not updated when the application’s they belong to is updated.

For example, I have an application A version 1.0.0 with the following adef file:

version: v1.0.0
myExec = ( MyComponent )
( myExec )
[rw] data ./
the data directory contains one file named “myFile.txt”

If I change the content of myFile.txt and if I bundle it into a new version of my application (v1.0.1 for example) after having update the application onto the target, the content of myFile.txt is not updated. The old content still present into the file system.

I observed this behaviour for both local and remote update (through AirVantage).

How can I force the system to override myFile.txt with the one of my new application ?

Thanks for your help.


This looks like a bug in how updates are handled – the upgrader will not overwrite existing bundled files with a new file with the same name. As far as I can tell the only way (currently) to force the system to install the new file is to give it a different name.

I’ve entered an issue for this in our bug tracker.


Hi Keith,

Thanks for your answer.

I made additional tests and I notice that if the access right to the directory are set to read only the update overide previous file.

Could you please send me tracker or jira id ?




The JIRA ID is LE-7168.


Thanks !

I’m now following the LE ticket.