Bundle required files

Hello, we would like to bundle all the required files for an app or several apps into the app package. I found the bundle option for the .cdef, however, this command copies the required files only to the app’s folder but we need some files directly in the /home/root folder since more than one app need access to it. Are there options to do that? BR

Does this help?

Or you can use unsandboxed app

Or you can refer to this sample app

Accessing the files is not the problem but bundling them with the package. I don’t want to copy all those required files separately or with a script on to the device but have them added when I install the app.

You mean like this one?

Yes, but this bundles the files directly into the app folder. I need some of them in the /home/root folder outside of the app folders.

I don’t see method other than calling a script in unsandboxed app to write to that folder

I found a workaround. All files that are required by only one app can (obviously) be bundled with that app. For all other files an unsandboxed app with which the other files were bundled is started. This app then creates or copies the corresponding files to the home directory. However, a restart is required to satisfy Legato’s requirements for an app which are defined in the .adef or .cdef. Is there an API to restart the Sierra Wireless module from within an app?

you can see here: