How to bundle two apps together for OTA update via Air Vantage?

So let say I have two apps: app1.wp76xx.update and app2.wp76xx.update (both are output from mkapp).
Now I want to update these two apps via OTA air vantage. Is there any way I can bundle them together as one pack, so that I just need to do OTA once?

You can build the legato.cwe with all the applications together.

And then you can upgrade the legato.cwe by airvantage.

What we want is a package with just the two apps, not the entire legato.cwe to save data plan cost.

you can write an unsandboxed application to bundle all the .update applications.
Once it is downloaded to module by airvantage, it can install one by one by running a script.

Here is an example on how to bundle files: