Build Time config

i need a little help with preparing a build.
After compile of swi-linux-src, I’ve to manually copy some files in rootfs (/home/root/) and create a “data” folder in same location. Also i’ve changed to include some AT commands.

My question is, can i avoid coping this files manually all the times and include in some script to:

copy my files…
Create a data dir
and send my version of during build of legato or yocto?


First of all, /home/root is not in rootfs partition, it is in userapp partition.

Here shows how to create a folder in the root directory:

Here shows how to put files in yocto image

Here shows how to use the default init script in the yocto image instead of the modified one:

it seems i can create a dir in / but cant create any dir in /home/root/.
Here are my files…
Maybe doing something wrong… i defined a GPS_DATA_DIR = “/home/root/data” but no way…

Thanks (2.9 KB) (5.0 KB)

You can write an init script to create it in /home/root
Or you can write an unsandboxed legato application to create it