Assisted GPS, SUPL, GNSS

How to configure properly Assisted GPS?
The more is selected with
gnss set agpsMode msAssist
while “gnss set agpsMode alone” works properly.
In AT commands this mode is configured with parameter fixtype.
Also there is command at!GpsSuplUrl. Is it required? How to use it?


SUPL is kind of AGPS, but you need to have a SUPL server so that you can configure in at!GpsSuplUrl.


I searched but I haven’t found a working server and configuration.
Where can I find a SUPL server? What is required for proper configuration?

I guess you need to ask the network operator.


Did you make any progress on this? As I understand it the WP76 only runs SUPL 2.0 (its not actually stated anywhere which means running security over the link which further means loading a cert on using the below API’s.

|le_result_t |le_gnss_SetSuplAssistedMode (le_gnss_AssistedMode_t assistedMode)|
|le_result_t |le_gnss_GetSuplAssistedMode (le_gnss_AssistedMode_t *assistedModePtr)|
|le_result_t |le_gnss_SetSuplServerUrl (const char *LE_NONNULL suplServerUrl)|
|le_result_t |le_gnss_InjectSuplCertificate (uint8_t suplCertificateId, uint16_t suplCertificateLen, const char *LE_NONNULL suplCertificate)|

A SUPL server is not going to be anything to do with the network operator but just finding a server which you can interface to like



Thank Matt. Just tested gnssXtraTest : gnssXtraTest failure? .
Going to test gnssTest with le_gnss_SetSuplServerUrl soon.


HI @makelinux
do you need more information for this topic?
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Yes, I haven’t yet managed to reduce TTFF with le_gnss_SetSuplServerUrl or le_gnss_LoadExtendedEphemerisFile.