Assisted-GNSS(MS-Based mode) not working well

I tried to work Assisted-GNSS(MS-Based mode) on WP7605.
the source code is “agps.txt”

Problem 1
About “GnssPositionHandlerFunction”,
this function is called several times from startup.
But, it will not be called in the middle.
(Not Using Assited-GNSS, this function does not stop)
why stop?
I want to know how I can continue to measure the position.

Problem 2
Position calculation is slow for Assisted-GNSS.
It takes a few minutes.
I want to know how to make it faster.

Please tell me what I should do.
Best regards, Akihito Fujikake.
agps.txt (1.1 KB)

did you follow the sample code here?

Also did you use gnss command to check first?

Thank you for your reply.

My code is wrong?
If I don’t use the Assisted GPS, it works fine.

Assisted-GNSS(MS-Based mode) not working well

I tried but it doesn’t compile.
The bellow is my development enviroment.]
IDE: VSCODE, swi-wp76_5.2.0

Attachment “cant_comple.txt” is error list.
Am I using the sample code wrong?

Although there is no “le_gnss_SetSuplAssistedMode()” in the above sample code,
don’t i need this?

Assisted-GNSS(MS-Based mode) not working well - #2 by jyijyi

I hadn’t tried.
Sorry for my ignorance.
Attachment “gnss_command” is what I tried.
I entered “gnss get posInfo” every 15s(total 45s). But, here is not where i am.

cant_compile.txt (7.2 KB)
gnss_command_result.txt (3.2 KB)

Are you using AGPS with SUPL?
Did you try with AT command first?

if you keep entering “gnss get posInfo”, can you get the posistion continuously?