Gps: gpsd - gnsd platformAdapter bridge added

We needed to interface an external gps receiver to our custom board.

As we need to use the gps data in external programs as well as in Legato, I started with a minimal platformAdapter based on the code in the simu/ layer to read data via the libgps library and forward it into Legato.

If you’re interested, the current state can be found on github: GitHub - voxel-legato/legato-PlatformAdaptor-yocto: Legato platformAdaptor layer for more generic ARM boards based on yocto builds. based on PA-AT

to use it, simply go to your legato repository and clone into the platformAdapter directory:

git clone platformAdaptor/yocto
# and change the provider for gnss:
legato@nova:~/proj/leg_repo/legato$ grep yocto targets/*
targets/raspi.sinc:     LEGATO_GNSS_PA = ${PA_DIR}/yocto/components/le_pa_gnss

right now, I only map coordinates but all available information is stored in the gpsd state and can be added easily.

Hope this helps someone

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hi @svogl,
many thanks for this!
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