Question about how to set Requested accuracy of fix value in Lagato API

I use WP7605 for the module. And I am trying to get location information with the Location API.
AT command AT! GPSFIX has a parameter called (Requested accuracy of fix).
In other words, you can set the minimum precision required for FIX data.
However, I could not find this setting in the Location API and GNSS API.
Is there a way to set in Legato?
Is there a latitude / longitude maxDist value returned from legato’s le_pos_Get2DLocation () and le_pos_Get3DLocation ()?

I don’t see one legato API having this “maxDist” to configure.

Hi jyjyi-san

I examined the correlation between AT! GPSFIX parameters and SUPL_START qoP values.
Apparently, the SUPL server provides assist data when the qoP value is 19 or less, and responds to the base station latitude and longitude with SUPL_END without assist data when the qoP value is 20 or more.
However, when starting MS-Based A-GPS with Legato’s API, the qoP was fixed at 49.
In other words, it is not possible to obtain assist data with A-GPS using Legato API.
Please provide a solution on how to work with qoP values below 19 when using A-GPS with Legato applications.

(SUPL qoP) vs (AT command)
horacc 19, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,1
horacc 19, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,10
↓ Does not provide Assist Data from SUPL Server ↓
horacc 42, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,100
horacc 49, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,1000
horacc 49, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,10000
horacc 49, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,100000
horacc 49, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,4294967279
horacc 49, AT!GPSFIX=2,1,4294967280

how about sending those AT command in legato application?