Airvantage OTA update full OS (WP7502)


I’m working on a project using a WP7502/WP7504. I’ve successfully rebuilt the latest linux distribution (from release 16.1) to include meta-mono. I made an spk from the build output + the other firmware provided by release 16.1, and was able to flash and test it successfully.

Right now I’m evaluating OTA and I don’t understand how to do an update of the full system using a spk. I understand I can update the apps I would have created in the Overlay Legato System, but not how to update the linux distribution.

I’ve noticed a post mentioning the subject but couldn’t find any more information:

When I try to upload my .spk file to Airvantage I have the No application found issue.

How can I achieve a full OS update from Airvantage?

Also, my new distribution needs a different partition scheme to be able to have mono in rootfs. So far I’ve done it using AT commands in serial. Can this be handled remotely as well?

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HI @ben.o,
See that i have attached the document AirPrime - WP Series - AirVantage Software Over-The-Air Guidelines - 2174152 - Rev1.0.pdf (1017.6 KB)
, It has the information on SOTA(software over the air) and FOTA(firmware over the air). i.e., SOTA is to update the application using Airvantgae and FOTA is to update the firmware(.cwe or .spk) using Airvantage.

For your purpose you need to use FOTA, In the attached document you mainly go through the sections 8.1.3 and 9.3 to update your linux distribution using Airvantage.

Muralidhara N.