WP7607-1 System bundle OTA update


I’m trying to proceed to an OTA update using the free trial airvantage account.

I have a legato system containing 3 applications. I’ve done the following steps:

  1. Synchronised my module with the new account

  2. Built my system containing 3 legato applications

  3. Went to File>Export in Developer Studio (5.3.1)

  4. Selected Developer Studio>Export Airvantage package

  5. Selected the ***.wp76xx.update file in Target_Legato_Debug folder

  6. Selected Default template and provided name, type and revision

  7. Uploaded the zip file on Airvantage using Release Application section. It created an entry under the category BUNDLE .

  8. Published the Bundle created

From there I expected to be able to proceed to the OTA update either through Install Bundle or Install Application when I select my synchronised module but it doesn’t appear as a choice (under My Applications ).

What would be the missing step?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi @ben.o,
could indicate the company name used, and the name of your application?
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Hi @plu,

I found that the type of the application (on step 6 of what I’ve done) had to start with WP7607-1 (not by default).

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