A debug question

I’m debugging my application on WP7702 on field, but I’m finding some problems with Legato behaviour. When my app crashes (at least i guess) the entire system is reverted to a legato copy ( a safe one) and i’m not able to get logs about what really happen with my app.
Is it possible to disable the fallback legato image? If not… how can forcly sytart the “bad” version to get logs?

I’ve tried with “update --mark-good” but it seems have no effect.


You can see here

Good Idea… i will try…

Can you ponint me in the right direction on how to add my app as it was a system app (keep running also on rallback)? I cant understabd where to add in my legato build…


how about adding it in wifi.sdef and recompile the legato.cwe?

Unfortunly I’m not using the mangoH source from a bit of time…
I followed this help:

It build.
Is it the same?


Sdef will not build to legato cwe, you need to port the application to wifi.sdef and rebuild legato.cwe

  1. Added $LEGATO_ROOT/apps/Acg/Acg.adef in wifi.sdef
#include "$LEGATO_ROOT/default.sdef"
#include "wifi.sinc"
#include "wifi_samples.sinc"

  1. Dir Acg contains full code (c, api, and so on), but also Acg.wp77xx.update
    3)Build legato cwe with “make wp77xx”
  2. executed “swiflash -m “WP77XX” -i legato.cwe” from dir myWorkspace/legato-src/legato/build/wp77xx

But no app were included in legato running on target…

What am I missing?

Solved. My fault. Forget to surround with app: {}.
thanks a lot.