Systoimg malfunctioning

Chip: wp76xx
Legato: 19.02.0

I am using my custom .sdef called system.sdef file for making a legato system that file (snippet of the file given bellow), I use mksys for making system update and after updating to my device everything works.
My device doesn’t have airvantage apps and services I don’t use like gnss. Now what I need is to make cwe out of my update file so I use the commands bellow:

systoimg “wp76xx” “system.wp76xx.update” "output/"

And I get in the output folder the legato.cwe, after I use swiflash (or fwupgrade) to deploy that .cwe file my system boots but there is no legato there. I don’t see legato nor any of the apps started and when I do legato start I get error message bellow:

Starting Legato…
/legato/systems/current/bin/legato: line 270: /mnt/legato/start: not found

    // Platform services.

    // Command-line tools.

    // My custom application


To me it seemd that update file that once worked when it was converted to .cwe something got messed up and doesn’t work anymore. The procedure that I use is the same which I used with 18.06 but there I didn’t have this kind of problem.

Bellow is exit for systocwe

Unpacking system.wp76xx.update …
Preparing staging directory output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update
Creating images from directory output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update
Using fakeroot /opt/swi/SWI9X07Y_02.28.03.04/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/fakeroot …
-t wp76xx -d output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update -o output
Target: wp76xx
Input: /home/rtrk/workspace/wp7702/tmptest/output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update
Output: /home/rtrk/workspace/wp7702/tmptest/output
Version: 19.02.0 rtrkw528-lin 2019/09/11 19:19:55
wp76xx: Generating the framework image (squashfs.ubi)
wp76xx: Generating the framework image (squashfs)
wp76xx: Generating the framework cwe (squashfs.ubi)

How about compiling the legato framework by “make wp76xx”?
If it works, you can modify the sdef there to include your application.

Yes if I flash the legato.cwe thats produced from “make wp76xx” that works, but if I add my application to the default .sdef it doesn’t work anymore (in a sense that the produced cwe is faulty).
Once again, making .update from my apps .adef works, everything is fine. But if I point the default.sdef to use the myApp.adef when the .update is made or when that update is converted to .cwe it isn’t working anymore.

I am not sure what changed between the 18.06.3 and 19.02.0 but obviosuly something in the transfering .update to cwe.
Also I can not disclose my application code.

The last method is to bundle your .update file to an default application, once boot up the first time, install the update file in real time.

Thank you for your suggestion, this was a good idea but the effort behind was a bit bigger due to changing of our factory testing and flashing procedures and having to move our cfgTree values to the new app.

For now I planned to try some older versions of legato and see at exactly which legato version the problem will occur and to pinpoint to the problem.


Any update about this bug?