Systoimg malfunctioning

Chip: wp76xx
Legato: 19.02.0

I am using my custom .sdef called system.sdef file for making a legato system that file (snippet of the file given bellow), I use mksys for making system update and after updating to my device everything works.
My device doesn’t have airvantage apps and services I don’t use like gnss. Now what I need is to make cwe out of my update file so I use the commands bellow:

systoimg “wp76xx” “system.wp76xx.update” "output/"

And I get in the output folder the legato.cwe, after I use swiflash (or fwupgrade) to deploy that .cwe file my system boots but there is no legato there. I don’t see legato nor any of the apps started and when I do legato start I get error message bellow:

Starting Legato…
/legato/systems/current/bin/legato: line 270: /mnt/legato/start: not found

    // Platform services.

    // Command-line tools.

    // My custom application


To me it seemd that update file that once worked when it was converted to .cwe something got messed up and doesn’t work anymore. The procedure that I use is the same which I used with 18.06 but there I didn’t have this kind of problem.

Bellow is exit for systocwe

Unpacking system.wp76xx.update …
Preparing staging directory output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update
Creating images from directory output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update
Using fakeroot /opt/swi/SWI9X07Y_02.28.03.04/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/fakeroot …
-t wp76xx -d output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update -o output
Target: wp76xx
Input: /home/rtrk/workspace/wp7702/tmptest/output/_staging_system.wp76xx.update
Output: /home/rtrk/workspace/wp7702/tmptest/output
Version: 19.02.0 rtrkw528-lin 2019/09/11 19:19:55
wp76xx: Generating the framework image (squashfs.ubi)
wp76xx: Generating the framework image (squashfs)
wp76xx: Generating the framework cwe (squashfs.ubi)

How about compiling the legato framework by “make wp76xx”?
If it works, you can modify the sdef there to include your application.