Problem with legato

I used wp7603 legato 18.04
I update frameworke with my application.
After some time, he rolled back.
And the legato itself is not my application.
After the update, I use the command
update -g

How fix it?

You can embedded your application and download the legato.cwe instead of the .update file.

For example, you can do the following:

  1. open legato-19.02.0/modules/WiFi/wifi.sdef, add your application like


  1. . bin/configlegatoenv
  2. make clean
  3. make wp76xx
  4. legato.cwe will contain your application

can I use the following command?
systoimg wp76xx system.wp76xx.update

normally I won’t use this.
I will directly compile the legato.cwe.

I have my own project my.sdef
after compilation i get my.wp75xx.update
in my project folder.
where is the legato.cwe? with my application

as said before, you need to embed the application to framework:

after that you need to compile the whole framework.

Where should the legato.cwe file be located