Flash size wp7607

didn’t i already show you how to bring file into yocto image in “Example on putting own files and building helloworld application into yocto image.docx”???

Yes you did, I will go through that document.
Images I am building doesnt have legato.cwe. Is there a variable I need to add to create this file with make?

No idea how to do this.
Normally i will make the legato.cwe seperately.

ok. could you please share details how you make legato.cwe? Thanks.

  1. Install the Application Framework:
    Install the Application Framework - Legato Docs

  2. Install the toolchain:
    Install the Toolchain - Legato Docs

  3. Configure the Application Framework
    Configure the Application Framework - Legato Docs

  4. make wp76xx

Thanks @jyijyi. I was able to include legato.cwe build with my yocto build. I will test flashing legato.cwe image using developer studio and let you know.
Appreciate your help.

hi @jyijyi, Thanks for your help earlier. I was able to build <legate.cwe> and <system.wp76xx.update> file using make wp76xx command.
Also I was to add myCustom.adef file and build separately with command:
mkapp -t wp76xx apps/sample/myApp/myCustom.adef

Now, I am trying to add myCustom.adef to build with make wp76xx command, so that I can create <system.wp76xx.include.myCustom.update> file.
Is there a way to do it? Could you please advise which file I need to modify?


you can go to legato-19.02.0/modules/WiFi/wifi.sdef, under “apps:” section, add


Now the new app will be included in legato.cwe.

Please also note that the max size for legato partition is 8MB.

I did that but it didnt work for me. I am using legato-20.04.0 and modified default.sdef file. Is that correct?

Also, how can I add modules to following partition:
/dev/ubi3_0 104.5M 13.3M 86.5M 13% /legato

please modify wifi.sdef, I remember it works for me.

UBI3 belongs to MTD15 which is userapp partition:

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# cat /sys/class/ubi/ubi3/mtd_num

As said before, you need to use USB ECM interface to transfer file to userapp partition.

Awesome. Yes it worked. Thanks.

Hi @jyijyi,
What would you recommed is the best way to update the device tree changes to the legato system. Is it best to set up legato yocto build or can we make changes using legato.cwe?

What do you mean by “update the device tree changes”?
Please give some example

If you want to add kernel driver to legato system, you might have a look on here about how to include driver in sdef file.

Thanks @jyijyi.
For example, if I want to reconfigure SPI pins and chip select in kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/mdm9607-wp76xx.dtsi file. What would you recommend the best way to make and apply changes? Is it possible to create and apply patch with changes to the legato Yocto build or can the changes be made using legato application framework?

I think this must be changed in yocto.cwe.

How to install libraries to /mnt/flash instead of in /usr/lib as part of the Yocto build?

Have you tried to copy the required library to /mnt/flash after boot up?

I will need this at build time.

My problem is that I have a large number of Python libraries to install, and rootfs has run out of space. I wanted to install the libs in /mnt along with my application, at build time. Is there a way to do this?

I saw in the release note of R16 (wp76 module), the system rootfs is increased quite a lot when compared to R13. Is it enough for you?
But you need to use new module come out from Sierra factory which already in R16.

If you are using old module, probably you need to zip up all the python libraries, use a legato application to bundle to zip file, and then extract it to /tmp folder when boot up, finally create some dynamic link in /lib or /usr/lib to link to the python libraries in /tmp.