Wp77 gpsApp gives libssl.so.1.1 error

You can see here

That post only shows how to update development environment which is vscode side on your case. But on my environment I have legato 21 on my target device or sierra device I have 19 as far as I understand I need to update my target device meaning sierra device and for know I don’t know how to do that.

Why don’t you install vscode and leaf plugin?
It has UI to install packages

I have leaf environment and I had problems with vscode on my windows machine now I setup vmware and installed leaf and everything. My understanding is I don’t need Vscode leaf does it all for you. I believe our setup is pretty similar. I just have to find a way to upgrade legato version on my target (sierra) device. Should I still install vscode on my vmware? I dont have a lot of space and the performance of the computer I am using is very poor. If I have to setup the vscode I will otherwise I don’t think it will do me any good.

You can check the folder wp77-image_6.0.1 and see if there is some image to upgrade your module to this package

Okay now I setup the vscode I have to say its pretty slow but I think we can figure out this way more easily.

  1. leaf installed
  2. profile created
    2.1 swi_wp77_6.0.1 latest stable version
    2.2 swi_vscode _support_200624
  3. system created
    Now I am getting mkedit le_pa_avc’ not found error when I try to add or create new app.

Then you can install a package matching with your module
Or you download a suitable firmware to your module to match with your compilation

Okay I created another profile with downgraded legato version. Matched my development machine’s(PC) legato version to target device’s(sierra device) legato version. It works like that. We don’t need to install vscode legato plugin we can use leaf comamnds from the ubuntu terminal. Although vscode helps to see the files and profiles better. Thank you a lot again. :pray: