WP76xx keeps rebooting after flashed R17 image

Hello, is there anything I can do if target keeps rebooting after updated to R17?

here says you need to go through R16.3 as intermediate Firmware:

did you do so?

No I did not, when I updated one of my previous wp76xx fromR13 to R17 it worked well, but this one keeps rebooting after the update. So no I did not…
Is there anything I can do to fix it or we do not know any method for it?! :confused:

you might need to switch the TP1 pin to force module to boot mode and then try to downgrade and see if it recovers the module

Thanks, I will check it, any information about why do we have to intermediate firmware upgrade to 16.3 before 17? I would appreciate it!

I don’t know…
but seems that is required according to the instruction

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I am also facing the same issue, After the R17 Upgrade WP76xx keeps rebooting every ~ 5min.

You need to first upgrade to r16.3, did you do so?