Flashing unsigned image when secure boot enabled

If I try to flash an unsigned image to a WP7608 module in which secure boot is enabled, the module gets stays in the boot mode. Is there a way to get it out of boot mode without hard reset? Is there any setting in the boot code that can be enabled so that after a time out the module comes out boot mode?

i think you need to power cycle the module or press the reset key.

I was wondering whether there a way to modify the boot code so that the module comes out of boot mode automatically after a time out?

Have you tried with local update by “fwupdate download xxx.cwe” instead of using fdt tool?

You can try if it would reboot automatically if the upgrade failed

Thanks. If I use local update the device goes in to boot mode and comes back to normal operation if the image is not signed.

ok, then you can use local update by fwupdate.