Is WP7610 supported on R17


The release page for the WP76xx R17 release does not list the WP7610 as a supported module.

Is the WP7610 supported on R17 or not? If not, are there plans to add support in the future?

no, i don’t think WP7610 is supported in R17 according to release note:

Thank you for the prompt response. Are there any plans to support the WP7610 on R17?

here says if you need to go to R17, you need to first upgrade to R16.3.

But R16.3 is not including WP7610…,-d-,3/#sthash.wHCRR4RI.dpbs

I think you better double check with the distributor for the future plan.

I have checked internally, there is no plan to support WP7610 on R17 or later release.
Users are encouraged to use WP7611.

That’s disappointing news, thanks for letting me know

I’d have to echo that disappointment, we have switched to WP7611 for our newer devices, but unit in the field now can not be upgraded if they are WP7610 based.

Very disappointing to hear indeed :frowning: