WP76xx Disable UBIFS in R17 Yocto Build

Hi, I am trying to upgrade the WP76xx Kernel to Latest R17 Release from Sierra Wireless from R16_01. Referring to this https://forum.legato.io/t/flash-size-wp7607/380 post, I had a similar issue and solved rootfs file size issue by disabling UBIFS by making the following changes (See the Pic)

Now I am trying the same changes in the R17 Release, however, after this change, I am facing the yocto build error. (See pic)

I’m not sure what changed in the R17 Release and How to fix this issue.

Why did you remove ubifs?

no problem is found to embed helloworld recipe with “for rootfs_type in squashfs; do ” in mdm9x28-image.inc: