Which .cwe image is the correct one?


I started form the mangOH sources on github (for legato 16.10) to create my own Legato system.
This should run on my mangOH green board with a WP8548 module.
The build process in my Developer Studio IDE resulted in a \Target_Legato_Release folder with a number of files and subfolders.
It contains a file mangOH_Green.wp85.update which can be installed via the button ‘Build and Install app’.
If I want to ‘Flash firmware from external file’ there are a number of .cwe files that can be chosen:

  • legato-squashfs.ubi.cwe
  • legatoz-squashfs.ubi.cwe
  • legato-yaffs2.cwe
  • legatoz-yaffs2.cwe
  • legato.cwe
  • legatoz.cwe

What is the difference between these .cwe files, and which one do I have to use?


legato.cwe is the symbolic link legato-squashfs.ubi.cwe
legatoz.cwe is the symbolic link legatoz-squashfs.ubi.cwe
“legato-squashfs.ubi.cwe” is the one I normally downloaded to the module.
“legatoz-squashfs.ubi.cwe” is the compressed version.

I cannot find “legato-yaffs2.cwe” in legato 18.4.0. But I believe it is about the rootfs partition.

owner@owner-ThinkPad-T440p:~$ ls ./legato/packages/legato.framework.18.4.0.rc3.wp85-wp750x-201805031818/resources/legato/build/wp85/*.cwe -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 owner owner 23 May 29 16:26 ./legato/packages/legato.framework.18.4.0.rc3.wp85-wp750x-201805031818/resources/legato/build/wp85/legato.cwe → legato-squashfs.ubi.cwe
lrwxrwxrwx 1 owner owner 10 May 29 16:26 ./legato/packages/legato.framework.18.4.0.rc3.wp85-wp750x-201805031818/resources/legato/build/wp85/legato_rw.cwe → legato.cwe
-rw-rw-r-- 1 owner owner 3277600 May 29 16:26 ./legato/packages/legato.framework.18.4.0.rc3.wp85-wp750x-201805031818/resources/legato/build/wp85/legato-squashfs.ubi.cwe
lrwxrwxrwx 1 owner owner 24 May 29 16:26 ./legato/packages/legato.framework.18.4.0.rc3.wp85-wp750x-201805031818/resources/legato/build/wp85/legatoz.cwe → legatoz-squashfs.ubi.cwe
-rw-rw-r-- 1 owner owner 2847405 May 29 16:26 ./legato/packages/legato.framework.18.4.0.rc3.wp85-wp750x-201805031818/resources/legato/build/wp85/legatoz-squashfs.ubi.cwe

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yaffs2 format is deprecated, so you should go with the squashfs one.

squashfs is already compressed so the compression at the packaging (cwe) level is mostly useless.

So the most ‘correct’ one would be legato.cwe.

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