What is the correct Legato framework for FX30?

I have found two different ways of getting the source, toolchain, and Legato framework for the FX30:

  1. The source page here:
  2. The SPM tool (https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/legato_spm/) using the command:
    legato-spm -s http://updatesite.sierrawireless.com/packages/Legato/fx30-wp85-R14.0.4.002 -i -m “FX30(WP85XX)” -k pdk.64

The source code seems to be the same. I’m not sure about the toolchain (how can i tell the toolchain version?).
The Legato framework is different between the two sources. The biggest difference i see is the framework downloaded by the SPM tool has an additional “targetDefs.fx30_wp85”. Which one of these two sources is correct?


The latest legato version for the FX30 is numbered 16.10.1.m3

I’m not sure if it’s in legato-spm - I pulled the package (firmware update, legato source) from the source and built the legato source using the instructions on the Legato page.

hope this helps.

ciao, Dave

Hey here,

For the record, I just answered that question there: What is the correct Legato framework for FX30? - FX30 - Sierra Wireless Forum