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I have a problem due to the firmware used in FX30 (I have not used R13.1.2.004), but to flash this firmware the FX30s I encountered the problem of legato version which is not compatible with the firmware , and at this level I am blocking, I do not know how I can change the legato version of my device (FX30S)
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Hi Aelkhabli,

Please obtain the software package (.cwe) and release note below:

The .cwe contains both required firmware and Legato framework, please refer to below copy from release note as upgrade instruction.

Upgrading FX30 to R R13.1.2.004
Locally SSH on USB:

  1. Copy mcu-rmfw-boot-yocto-legato_wp85.cwe to FX30 filesystem using scp.
  2. Open a ssh session
  3. Execute fwupdate download mcu-rmfw-boot-yocto-legato_wp85.cwe

Hope it helps.

Hi Iotam,

Do you know where I can get the linux source code to build the R13.1.2.004 firmware package ? as I need to add more packages to the image.

The one I can find from the website is not the one for this package.


Hi yclai,
Go to the legato directory and give the below command

legato-spm -s http://updatesite.sierrawireless.com/packages/Legato/earlyAccess/fx30/16.10.1 -i -m “FX30(WP85XX)” -k pdk.64

which will download the latest version of the FX30 source code package

Note:Before using this above command you need to install the legato-spm tool in your system (refer this link https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/legato_spm/)

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Hi Bharath,

Thanks a lot !

Hi everyone,
Please note, legato-spm currently only supports FX30 version R13.1.3.E02, not R13.1.2.004. However, the most stable package for the FX30S is R13.1.3.001 and is only available in binary form.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the information.