Legato 17.6: I cannot find info about the toolchain


in the instructions for building the Legato AF from the source code (Install the Application Framework - Legato Docs) there is a link that leads to the page where toolchains for Sierra Wireless platforms can be downloaded:

That page does not mention Legato 17.6 at all.
Should we assume that it uses the same toolchain as 17.5, which is the same as 16.10.3?
Is there a new version?


Hi @luigitondo,

Toolchains are not really per Legato version but per product release version.

Assuming you are working with a WP85xx, at this stage there is no Legato 17.xx release for wp85.
So if you use the WP85 Release 14 firmware and toolchain, you should have something that works, but is not validated by the WP85 team.

There is some documentation about the release process on this page: http://legato.io/legato-docs/latest/aboutReleaseInfo.html


thanks for your reply. Understood.

It also seems that Sierra has updated the download page; Legato 17.06 is now mentioned:
"Release 17.05 & 17.06 Note: The Linux OS Source and Toolchains remain unchanged. Download the previous version (SWI9X15Y_07.12.09.00, 32-bit Toolchain or 64-bit Toolchain) to get started with the 17.05 or 17.06 Release of the Legato Platform. "