Using +KCELL without registration

Using +KCELL before registration is giving a CME error. Oddly, !GSTATUS and getNeighborCells legato mrc api calls seem to work fine without network registration. Nothing about +KCELL should require network register, so I am guessing it’s just the way it’s been coded? I just need the arfcn/uarfcn of the main and neighbor cells, as the WP76XX don’t seem to have dedicated survey AT commands. So any other way I can get this info? Trick +KCELL into working? It would be nice if the Legato MRC api itself provided more cell details.

Hi @mallets,

Can you please share your need for arfcn/uarfcn of the neighbor cells using the “at+kcell” + without network registration. The +kcell itself giving the arfcn detail, if it is register to the network.

If we use the +kcell without the network registration, the result will be
+CME ERROR: no network service.

If we use the +kcell with network registration, the result will be

If want other neighbour cell information, please check the below sample application link. But We didn’t tried this application

Also please find the at commands reference document below.

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