Obtaining neighbors cell MCC and MNC


Legato version: 18.06
Module: WP76xx

I am using le_mrc_NeighborCellsRef_t api and I am interested in knowing if the neighbor cell towers obtained through use of this API on legato 18.06.03 can be of different MCC and MNC than the connection that is currently being used?

So the clear up things, I establish a connection to a network, I then call the function in order to obtain info like cell id and location code but I would also like to know the MNC and MCC codes for that cell, is that possible?

The only thing that I saw was

PCI Network Scan

The PCI scan is not supported by all platforms. The table below indicates on which platform the fature is available. Also, only LTE PCI scan is supported.

AR755x AR758x AR759x AR8652 WP750x WP76xx WP77xx WP8548
LTE PCI scan feature X X X

In order to perform an LTE PCI scan, ensure that only LE_MRC_BITMASK_RAT_LTE is enabled in the RAT preference settings before starting the scan. The configuration can be done using:

  • AT command: AT!SELRAT=06
  • CM tool: cm radio rat LTE
  • Legato API: le_mrc_SetRatPreferences(LE_MRC_BITMASK_RAT_LTE).

But I am interested in knowing if this is possible for connections other than LTE because I need to support other technologies available on my WP76xx other than LTE also.

hi @lazzox,
yes you’re right, PCI network scan is only supported for LTE Rat;
but I think you can try using the API le_mrc_PerformCellularNetworkScan()
for example you can see Sample code for Network Scan - Legato Docs

Can I use PCI network scan if my RAT is set to ALL and I am connected to a network using LTE?

“cellTowers”: [
“cellId”: 42,
“locationAreaCode”: 415,
“mobileCountryCode”: 310,
“mobileNetworkCode”: 410,

This is the data I need to get from Neighbours cells, mcc, mnc, locAreacode and cellId.
The thing is that I don’t want to limit my device to LTE only, but I’d like to get the PCI network scan if possible, if not then I’m good with the data I’ve gathered for the currently running cell (the one Im connected to).

hi @lazzox,
no it won’t work, as written in the document you indicated, the RAT should be set to LTE.
unless the scan won’t be performed properly or you won’t have any result.

@plu I understand, thank you for the information.

I have another question, is it possible to somehow determine if neighbor celltower belongs the same network that I’m connected to? Because that way I would know the mnc and mcc of the tower. I saw that I can’t obtain neighbors provider string (name of the provider) so I am uncertain if there is a way to connect these two?

hi @lazzox,
I’m not sure to understand what you mean exactly.
with le_mrc_PerformCellularNetworkScan() API you can retrieve the MNC/MCC for each scanned network.
normally we talk about the neighbor cells of a serving cell or main cell, and it is usually on the one the device is registered.
so the MNC/MCC is the same for all that cells.
Best Regards

Just so I can confirm what you told me, when I use this API:

le_mrc_NeighborCellsRef_t le_mrc_GetNeighborCellsInfo (void)

all Neighbor cells present here are on the same network as the serving cell (the one currently used)? If this is correct then this solves my issue.

hi @lazzox,
yes this is correct.

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Thank you for your support.